Vince Vaughn joins hilarious in-law comedy

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03.07.11 15 Comments

In yet another story that would work better as satire, Vince Vaughn is set to join Insane Laws, from the writer of The Break Up.  Ooh, in-law jokes.  Timely.  WOMEN BE SHOPPIN’, YO.  In related news, we’ve now reached the point in Vince Vaughn’s career when The Break-Up seems like one of his better movies.

Universal is in negotiations to pick up The Insane Laws, a relationship comedy from writer-director Jeremy Garelick, out of turnaround from Columbia. The project will act as a starring vehicle for Vince Vaughn.  Based a bit on Garelick’s own life, Insane Laws focuses on two best friends and how their lives are impacted when their grown children fall in love, with one man’s daughter becoming pregnant by his best friend’s son. [HollywoodReporter]

The Insane Laws?  The Insane Laws.  Why, that sounds so wacky, my computer threw a tomato at me when I typed it.  This whole thing sounds like a Smothers Brothers sketch.

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