NPR’s April Fool’s Day Prank Was An Absolute Masterpiece

A few days ago, I wrote about how much I hate April Fool’s Day, but NPR played a prank I can totally get behind. They posted the above headline to their Facebook page, a story about “Why Doesn’t America Read Anymore?” If you actually clicked on it, you were sent to this:

Now, if you’ve ever been on Facebook before, or, say, run the Facebook account for a news site, you know that one thing people love is to comment on a story without reading it. This goes doubly so if they can take personal offense to a generalized headline. “Many Americans Today Can’t Do Their Own Taxes,” say, where the first five comments are all “GAY. I lern to do tax in 5 grade idiot, wut wrong w ppl X(”

So you can probably guess how this one turned out:

“I read between 5 and 20+ books a month.” Aahahahahaha, it’s perfect. Drink in the shame, dickweeds.

We have truly reached the point where every “fact” is simply an excuse for you to skip to discussing whatever it is you wanted to talk about in the first place.

[hat tip: Lamebook]