Oh Good, Vine Stars Are Going To All The Oscar Parties

If you don’t know about the vast underground of famous-to-tweens Vine and YouTube celebrities, well, count yourself lucky. Whether you know them or not, a couple of the biggest Viners are making a play for mainstream recognition at this year’s Oscars. NO THANKS, DUDES! Anyway, they shot the above video at a “pre-Oscars bash.”

Say hi to Jake and Logan Paul.


From Cleveland.

Through their six-second Vines, they have amassed a big following.

Logan has 6.9 million followers.

Jake has 3.3 million followers.

And this week they’re in L.A.

“So we came to Hollywood to become actors, directors, producers,” says Jake.

Adds Logan, “It’s time for us to grow up and do stuff beyond six seconds.”

Says Jake: “We are striving to become real Hollywood famous instead of Internet famous.”

Good luck, dudes. You may soon learn that it takes more than just a cute face and pretty hair to make it in Hollywood. Just ask Jared Leto– uh… Josh Hutcherson– uh… Taylor Lautner– crap, these guys are going to be movie stars, aren’t they.

Whatever. Wake me when Cool Shirtman shows up.

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