Oh, Hi, Didn’t See You There (Morning Links)

01.30.13 5 years ago

[via Fck Yeah Dementia]

This vintage Kirk Cameron abstinence video from the 90s is fantastic |Film Drunk|

Porn Stars Are Reenacting Memes Because That’s All The Internet Is Used For Anyway |UPROXX|

Quick, they’re gaining on us! [via Humor Train]

‘Girl Meets World’ Cast Cory And Topanga’s Daughter, And She Is Adorable
|Warming Glow|

The University Of Minnesota Is Teaching Female Students How To Have Orgasms Now
|With Leather|

Gamma Squad’s Ultimate Guide To Comics For Beginners Part Two: How To Pick Up An Ongoing Series |Gamma Squad|

How New Orleans Should Treat Roger Goodell, As Taught By Stone Cold Steve Austin
|Smoking Section|

Fixed That Sports Illustrated Ray Lewis Cover For You |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

30 of the greatest school lunch snacks ever made |theChive|

The 35 Best School Lunch Snacks Of All Time |Buzzfeed|

Chris Brown Thinks He’s Jesus Now |The Superficial|

16 People You Didn’t Know Existed |HuffPost Comedy|

Which One Is Katy Perry |IDLYITW|

11 Shocking TV Deaths |Mental Floss|

Tim Burton and the Secret Search For Walt Disney’s Frozen Corpse |NextMovie|

Leslie Mann: “Megan Fox has better boobs than I’ve ever seen in my life” |Fark|

Bam Margera – Comedy (÷) Time = Tragedy |Videogum|

The Biggest Sore Losers In Sports |Giant Life|

Raw Commentary: ‘The Big Lebowski’ |Screen Junkies|

The Headphone Knot Guide |College Humor|

13 Movies From Sundance 2013 You Need To Know About |Film.com|

Star Wars Recut as a JJ Abrams Trailer |Unreality|

People vs. Fitness |Clip Nation|

25 Striking Celebrity Photos Provided With No Context Whatsoever |Pajiba|

The People Vs. Fitness |High Definite|

PhD Candidate Dissects NFL Fan Bases and Who People Want to Win the Super Bowl Using Only Facebook |Brobible|

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