Oh-So-Hilarious YouTube Pranksters The Janoskians Got A Movie Deal

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05.29.14 14 Comments

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cause a scene in public just so you can record the shocked and appalled reactions of regular people? Of course you haven’t. I mean, who has ever thought of doing something so wild and in-your-face before? The Janoskians, that’s who. Coming to us from Melbourne, Australia, the Janoskians are a group of young pranksters who have taken the world by storm, amassing more than 15 million followers on YouTube and racking up millions of views for every video that they post, each one more daring and hiiiiiiiiiilarious than the next. Look at the one guy in the banner pic, he wore a pig’s head to the MTV Movie Awards! /dying /dead

Now they can add future movie stars to their résumés – presumably printed with invisible ink – because they’ve been signed by Lionsgate to make a “partially scripted comedy that will be packed with stunts, public pranks and wish fulfillment as the group adjusts to life in Los Angeles with the vow to throw the most epic party ever,” according to Deadline. And we really can’t throw around the word epic enough, because this is so epic, you guys.

Said Beau [Brooks]: “In our wildest dreams we never thought we would end up working with a company like Lionsgate. They take risks, break rules and make epic movies. We can’t wait to take our pranks and jokes to the next level. We know we are lucky, and we will make the most of it, we promise you.” (Via Deadline)

Epic movies including Single Moms Club, A Madea Christmas and I, Frankenstein, to name a few of the most recent, but let’s not forget that Lionsgate also brought us blockbuster franchises like The Hunger Games and Twilight. Could the Janoskians be the faces of the next big Lionsgate franchise? Only if they’ve got plenty of fresh humor like this original bit in the tank. Shittin’ in a urinal? What’ll they think of next?!?!

They’re not just some punk guys with lip and cheek rings either. They also make music videos like “Real Girls Eat Cake,” and you can’t confuse them with being a boy band, because they use dirty words, which automatically make things funny.

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