Oprah Yells Like a Goat, Clooney Photobomb, Morning Links

What this video presupposes is, what if this goat really liked Oprah?

Frotcast 63: Matt Ufford Talks TV, Murder, & Hurricanes |Film Drunk|

15 Exceptionally Haunting Movie Cinemagraphs |UPROXX|

Justice League of the Americas Will Make You Wish for a Western |Gamma Squad|

Paz de la Huerta Is Good at Lingerie |Warming Glow|

A Great Day to Be a Giraffe in Sports |With Leather|

15 Things That Prove God Hates the South |Buzzfeed|

The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes Implied in Harry Potter |FARK|

Secret Girl Language with Ashley Benson |College Humor|

Clooney Photobombs Crawford. |via TheSuperficial|

Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez reportedly can’t stand each other, which makes sense, since they both seem insufferable. |Videogum|

Dude tests bulletproof glass by standing behind it while someone shoots an AK at it. |TheDailyWhat|

18 famous TV roles originally played by someone else. |MentalFloss|

Meet your daily skank Maya. |GorillaMask|

100 Seconds of People Screaming in Space. |NextMovie|

There Have Only Been 5 Successful Film-to-TV Series Adaptations |Pajiba|

25 Epic Celebrity Photobombs. |HolyTaco|

If Movie Hotels Were Reviewed On Trip Advisor. |ScreenJunkies|

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