Pat Robertson Blames Pornography For Opening Our Doors To Demons

Former minister and current chairman of the Christian Broadcast Network Pat Robertson sat down to answer some questions for his loyal viewers earlier this week, and one such viewer tapped into the unholy realm of the film industry. “Michelle” explained to Robertson that she was recently watching a horror movie that some friends had recommended to her and she found it “rather strange and awfully macabre.” Then on Sunday, she got into a car accident while leaving her church, so she openly wondered to Robertson if watching that unnamed movie had either placed a curse on her or made the Lord angry enough to stop protecting her. “Did I grieve the Holy Spirit by watching this series,” she asked before possibly adding, “I’ll hang up and take my answer through a light in the window.”

Robertson’s response should be taken seriously by everyone, because he explains that he has heard a story of a teenager who was possessed years ago, and when the demon spirit was expelled, it told everyone that it had “permission” to enter the body because that teen had gone to see “a double X-rated movie or whatever it was.” Basically, we all have demons living around us, and by watching porn we are inviting the demons to possess us, and whatever happens after that is on us. Sure, he doesn’t address horror movies at all, but porn and horror? They’re all the same thing.

My favorite part comes at the :26 mark when Robertson says, “… was demon possessed” and the woman responds with a hilarious sound of fake sincerity. This is truly wonderful TV.