Paz De La Huerta is a naked, 3D sex nurse & morning links

Here’s Paz De La Huerta doing what she does best in the concept art for Nurse 3D, a film “inspired in part by photographs of fantastical, sado-masochistic nurses by Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen.” I just hope we get to see whether she had to wear a merkin for her role in Boardwalk Empire. |via VMagazine|

Captain America and Other Superheroes Punching, Kicking, And Strangling Hitler |Gamma Squad|

10 Frighteningly Prophetic Parodies from ‘The Critic’ |Warming Glow|

Did Tom Green Invent Planking in 1994? |UPROXX|

Pic via mlkshk

FOR THIS WEEK’S FROTCAST: This week’s theme is weird things you’ve seen or done in movie theaters. Email your story to (and try to be SOMEWHAT brief, we can’t read it if it’s 10 minutes long).

Macho Man Randy Savage Tribute Goes Horribly Wrong |With Leather|

20 obscure words to describe people who collect certain things. |MentalFloss|

“The Real Housewives of the Bible.” |Videogum|

Here’s a fat kid moshing with a ghost. |GorillaMask|

An analysis of CNN’s 9 things you shouldn’t say to your child. |HolyTaco|

Here’s another Hobbit dwarf picture, this time low-res and video looking. Seriously, it’s not going to be another 18 months of this, is it? If so I will fly to New Zealand and murder Peter Jackson right now. |ScreenJunkies|

Miranda Kerr named her and Orlando Bloom’s kid after her ex boyfriend. |TheSuperficial|

Olivia Wilde Was Almost Trampled by Horses but Lived to (Hotly) Tell About It |Pajiba|

Paul Scheer Wants You to Watch His OJ-Murder Themed Prank Show |Adult Swim|

Female Marine Follows Suit, Asks Timberlake to Marine Ball |The Daily What|

10 Outtake Reals from Hilarious Comedies |Unreality|

The ever-so-slightly NSFW version of the banner picture:

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