WATCH: Pete Hammond offers his hard-hitting analysis of ‘Jobs’

Did you know our old buddy Pete Hammond does video reviews now? It’s true! In this latest dispatch for Movieline, he takes on the new Ashton Kutcher drama, Jobs, and absolutely nails the kind of hard-hitting analysis we’ve come to expect from him. In an in-depth, three-minute video piece, Pete posits such unique insights as:

  • ‘Jobs’ is about Steve Jobs, not about finding jobs. (LOL!)
  • Steve Jobs was a controversial figure.
  • Steve Jobs created the Apple computer.
  • Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs.
  • Ashton Kutcher looks like Steve Jobs in this movie.
  • Ashton Kutcher really looks like Steve Jobs in this movie.
  • I mean seriously, Ashton Kutcher is a dead ringer for Steve Jobs in this movie!
  • Steve Jobs was an interesting character.
  • Steve Jobs was an innovator.
  • Jobs portrays Steve Jobs not only as good, but also as flawed!
  • Portraying a flawed characters flaws and not just their good qualities is a bold strategy.
  • This movie is full of computers and bytes and stuff and the director shoots it admirably.

You know what I liked about Steve Jobs? It wasn’t just that he challenged people to think, it’s that he challenged them to think differently, you know? I thought the movie did a great job of illustrating that. I’m surprised Pete didn’t mention it. Nevertheless, what I love about Pete Hammond’s reviews is not just that they’re interesting, but that they’re also informative. I mean just look at all the things we learned about Ashton Kutcher kind of looking like Steve Jobs!

I’m telling you, Lights Camera Jackson is going to have some mighty big shoes to fill someday.


Are they using Pete Hammond’s quotes in their promotional material already? Even though most critics were embargoed until today or tomorrow? Judging by the PR email I actually received while I was writing this, the answer is a big yes!

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