PICTURE: Avengers in High School – Hawkeye had a bomb-ass flat top mullet

I found this picture of The Avengers in high school over on Reddit, and while I know I said Hawkeye and Black Widow were mostly worthless characters (Whedon did an incredible job trying to make them seem relevant, but trying to make a girl with a pistol and a dude with a bow and arrow on the front lines of a war seem believable is just a lose-lose assignment), I would’ve changed my tune in a heartbeat if Hawkeye had had that righteous flattop-mullet combo. My God, he’s a spitting image of the First Place Mullet Kid!

The mullet seems slightly less righteous without the trophy and tie-dyed shirt, but still, I like to imagine them both cruising for townie chicks in a tricked out Astrovan. Meanwhile, Mr. Chris I-Never-Had-An-Awkward-Phase Hemsworth can go screw himself. Just imagining how much ass that guy has probably gotten over the course of his lifetime makes me want to drink whiskey in a basement.