Awkward Schmawkward, Jennifer Lawrence Was Cute in Middle School Too

Last night on Reddit, a poster named Katie going by miloblue12 posted the above picture of Jennifer Lawrence as a 14-year-old student at Kammerer Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky. Yep, she went to public school. And even had a black friend sort of. I love her so much.

Though Katie doesn’t share any hilarious stories of Lawrence jumping out of lockers or, you know, that time she stuffed her face with 17 tater tots at lunch on a dare, she does confess to a “woman crush” and say that she’s real, beautiful and “witty as hell.” [Cosmo]

So now we know that if Jennifer Lawrence ever tries to sell us that old “I was so awkward in school!” chestnut, she’ll be lying.  No word on what became of that handsome ginger back there. I’d say it’s even money between Jiffey Lube manager and IT guy for a porn company. What do you think, is that a calculator watch or a medical alert bracelet?

A picture of me at 14 would’ve included a striped t-shirt three sizes too big covered in nacho cheese stains, huge braces, and a very, very sad example of what happens when a pre-pubescent dude with a jewy fro tries to grow shaggy grunge hair.