Frotcast 258: Guest Matt Ufford Talks Adam Sandler, Gawker Drama, And Pistol Drone


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Matt Ufford, SB Nation video (and text!) personality, and host of The Inactives, guest stars this week (with Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini) as we review Pixels/Adam Sandler, and this week in pop culture, including Gawker’s Geithner drama, getting to the bottom of Taylor Swift’s latest beef, and our Pistol Drone for President campaign. Plus, your emails.


00:00 – Matt Lieb’s wonderful comedy bit about electric skateboards.

2:00 – PIXELS. I describe the plot for Ufford. “I would not have come on this week if I knew this was what I was in for.”

6:30 – We talk about Ufford’s tweet about Adam Sandler’s ‘Fart Vacation’ (see above), and what it says about Adam Sandler movies that some people thought this was a real movie.

8:43 – GAWKER DRAMA. We talk about Max Read and Tommy Craggs resigning from Gawker after Gawker took down the Geithner post, and what would have to happen for us to resign in protest from a job we otherwise liked (this from a current Vox employee and a current Uproxx employee).

19:30 – The way the current advertising system creates an environment that produces the kinds of sh*tty, click-bait content everyone hates, including the people writing it.

20:50 – Matt Lieb finds his new least favorite Gawker post, “the bravery of Judd Apatow knows no bounds,” a snarky takedown of Judd Apatow’s Cosby impression. Ufford and I explain the inside-baseball factors that cause a post like that to get written, and Lieb and I discuss the viability of Cosby jokes.

33:36 – We breakdown my new favorite Amy Schumer thinkpiece, from the Guardian, about how Amy Schumer is now *too* successful, and how that could be “potentially problematic” for her. And society. Or something.

44:22 – PISTOL DRONE FOR PRESIDENT! Ufford and Bret’s new social media campaign

48:30 – THE TAYLOR SWIFT BEEFDOWN. We try to parse Katy Perry’s incredibly obtuse tweet, and the Matts help us get to the root of the now-legendary Katy Perry/Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj beef triangle. “I used to know calculus!” sighs Ufford.

58:26 – Your emails. Starting with the guy whose friend named his son “Revin,” continuing with the guy whose on-again-off-again girlfriend is banging her platonic friend on a European island somewhere and how he should feel about that.

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