The Pod Yourself A Gun ‘Best Of 2020’ Episode Is Here!

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Pod Yourself A Gun, your favorite and the internet’s only Sopranos podcast™ is on a brief hiatus, but fret not: Matt Lieb has put together all your favorite (read: his favorite) bits from “the year that was” in this totally radicool best of 2020 episode. That’s right, it has all our most intellectual analysis and cogent art theory. Just kidding, it’s mostly jokes and Matt’s parody songs. What else would you expect?

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do (read: Matt does) take a lot of time putting together all these compilation episodes and parody songs for your listening pleasure. As always, the best way to thank us is to sign up for our Patreon (don’t do it for us, do it for you! access all that beautiful bonus content!) and leave us a five-star review on iTunes.

If you haven’t started your Sopranos rewatch, now is the time. You have at least a week or so before we get to season four.

Table Of (Dis)Contents:

-Intro Song
-“Truly The Best Sopranos Song” with Brendan from the Frotcast
-Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House explains John From Cincinnati
-Alan Sepinwall from Rolling Stone calls us the lowest form of discourse
-Gigi dies on a toilet with comedian Jason Webb
-Chrissy is high at Livia’s wake with comedian Brodie Reed
-Livia’s final scene mash up
-Remember When John Phillips Died? with Francesca Fiorentini from The Bitchuation Room
-Remember When Tiger Woods was a beloved figure? with Mike Isaac of The New York Times
-Remember When Tucker Carlson merely leaned right wing?
-Remember Gary Condit?
-Remember Shaggy? with Jay Gordon from FSCKD Pod
-Matt needs to be coddled in order to talk about Melfi being attacked
-Pine Barrens with Jack O’Brien from The Daily Zeitgeist
-Vince gets geo-political with the Russian
-Matt is sick of David Chase’s sh*t
-Alan tells Matt and Vince that David Chase may have listened to the pod
-Saved By The Bell/Killed By The Boss
-Sunshine deserved to die featuring Matt Christman
-Jackie Jr. talks about fashion and cream
-Paulie is doing proto-twitter discourse, with Rachel Fisher from the Hollywood Crime Scene podcast
-Noah Tannenbaum meets Barenaked Ladies, with Brodie Reed
-Meadow and Noah pretend to adult, with Carey O’Donnell from Sexy Unique Podcast
-Poor people fight their parents with Jason Webb
-Matt’s theory about the Meadow/Noah/Caitlin love triangle
-Carm gets the worst therapist, with Mike Isaac
-Ralphie is a good father
-Jackie can’t read Poe, with Samar Kalaf of Defector Media
-Matt’s story about Mariana
-Janice Soprano: Petty Godfather with Carey O’Donnell
-Jr Soprano’s tumor board
-90’s flashbacks with Rachel Fisher
-Matt tells Mike Isaac his Big Mouth Billy Bass story
-AJ Soprano likes to Break Stuff and so does Vince Mancini
-Gloria is a mess
-Gloria/Raffi mash up
-Core Ungrato aka Gabagool Va fangool!
-A Nice Voicemail
-Solid B plus
-Producer Brent Flyberg says hi!

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