Probably the best book of all time

Apparently this book has been around since 2005 (and it’s so rare that a new copy goes for $200 bucks), but I don’t say that by way of pre-apology. I say it to implicate all of you FOR NOT TELLING ME ABOUT THIS SOONER! A forward by Rob Zombie?!? Musician, Filmmaker, Yoga-for-Joe-Sixpacks Practitioner – what can’t this guy do! WHO BETTER TO EXPLAIN PRO WRESTLER YOGA THAN THE DIRECTOR OF HALLOWEEN II?

As for the book, do you think $200 is too much to spend? All this time I’ve wanted to do some yoga, but before, it had always failed my WWARGD test (what would a regular guy do?). I needed the flexibility, but not if it meant hanging out with queers and ethnic types, you know? HOW WAS A I TO KNOW THAT A REAL-LIFE FAKE WRESTLER DOES YOGA TOO?? I mean just look at him. The man’s so regular that his third eye is actually a pair of hands on his chest that he uses to catch footballs. Suddenly, all this eastern mysticism doesn’t seem so exotic after all. I hope Kid Rock shows up to rock Bawitdaba on a sitar while I do some downward dog.

[thanks to reader Brian for discovering this]