Pug Selfie!!! :P + The Morning Links

12.13.13 4 years ago
Pugh, deLETE

Pugh, dUHleet

Via Vichious.

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The Morning Links

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’: How the Coen Bros Killed the ‘Musician Biopic’ |FilmDrunk|

A Man with a Great Collection of Band Shirts has Taken a Photo with Every Celebrity Ever |UPROXX|

Supercut: I Hate Christmas |UPROXX Video|

The Latest ‘Community’ Trailer Takes Us ‘Beyond the Darkest Timeline’ |Warming Glow|

If You’re Going to Rob a Music Store, Make Sure the Owner Isn’t a Cage Fighter |With Leather|

The Best and Worst Superhero Movie Action Scenes of 2013 |Gamma Squad|

The Broncos Choke Job Came Early |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

New #NewRules: Beyoncé Shocks the World, Drops New Album on iTunes out of the Blue |Smoking Section|

Kanye West and the insignificance of the Grammy Awards |death&taxes|

Megyn Kelly Wants Kids to Know that Santa Claus and Jesus Were 4 SURE White |Videogum|

8 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Hobbit’ |BuzzFeed|

Paul Feig is Making Another All-Female Movie. When Did He Become the Biggest Feminist in Hollywood? |Pajiba|

Kanye Only Got Two Grammy Nominations :( :( |The Superficial|

Kevin Federline Has Six Kids. Let That Marinate. |IDLYITW|

Doritos is Teaming with Buffalo Wild Wings which Means Dorito-Flavored Wings |BroBible|

The Most Untame Vacation Destinations on Earth |Guyism|

If You’re Going to Propose to a Bulls Cheerleader, You Better Do It Right |The Chive|

What’s the Best Board Game? |Ranker|

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