Purify Your Spirit With The Inspiring Words Of Vin Diesel For His 47th Birthday

Vin Diesel warns newcomers to his Facebook fan page that if they’re not looking for compassion and love, they’re in the wrong place. With more than 81 million fans, Diesel’s Facebook page is an online community like no other, as his fans from all over the world gather to celebrate each picture that he shares from his movies, as well as his inspirational messages when he’s not hard at work. Often, he’ll drop in to thank everyone for their support, or he’ll discuss some of his favorite moments working as an actor. But the real allure of the Fast and Furious star’s social media home is the fan art that his followers deliver on a daily basis, especially the images that combines the actor’s tough guy looks with his positive, spiritual words.

If you learn anything from an hour or so of perusing Diesel’s fans’ photoshops and artistic contributions, it’s that the man has long had a dream, and each new film that he works on is an act of fulfilling it. He also dreams so much bigger beyond playing Dom Toretto, as he has long desired to play the role of Hannibal Barca, the ancient military genius who used elephants as soldiers and picked apart his enemies’ weaknesses in battle like no other. In fact, Diesel once shared on his Facebook page that the reason he left the role of Xander Cage behind was because he wanted to focus on his acting dream.

Another role that Diesel’s fans have long sought for him is Kojak, the role made famous by Telly Savalas in the 1970s TV series of the same name. He has been attached to the movie adaptation for two years or so, but nothing has ever really come from it except for some director rumors started by Diesel himself. Still, as Diesel says…

So-called historians and the people who make Google’s banner images might also point out that today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday, but Diesel knows that better than anyone. In fact, one could make the argument that Diesel’s own philosophical way of life was inspired by the fact that he shares a birthday with the late South African president, and then Diesel would probably say, “It’s not an argument, because Mandela and I are the same person,” or something to that effect.

His fans are also plenty aware, as it is reflected in their fan art that merges The Pacifier star’s ability to stare into a camera or close his eyes with the brilliant words of people from Mandela to Buddha to Mahatma Gandhi.

Like any great philosopher, Diesel isn’t just the kind of gentle, loving soul that repeats the inspirational words of others like some kind of crappy gimmick Twitter account. He is a man with his own message for those who look up to him, and it all begins with people believing in themselves.

You are the master of your own fortune, and therefore the only person who can conquer your dreams, much like how Hannibal conquered much of Italy or Kojak always conquered the bad guys. Sometimes even the toughest guys have to dream, but then they need to take that dream, put it in a headlock and make it beg to be a reality.

A lot of people will tell you that in this fast-paced life of action stars and muscle cars, the only person that you can ever trust is yourself. Diesel is one of those people, at least to an extent, as he trusts his spirit to help him achieve his dreams.

And he knows that staying true to yourself is the best way to make all of your biggest dreams come true.

At the end of the day, no matter how many people are on this silly little rock floating between the stars, you’re just one person. If you’re not at peace with yourself, then how can you inspire others with confidence?

That’s how you know that you can believe in a man like Diesel, because he’s so confident with who he is, in his neverending quest to make his dreams come true. Sometimes it’s all as simple as knowing to stop and smile.

Don’t ever worry about what others think of you, because there’s always one person out there who gets you and loves you for what you are.

Believe in who you are and then you will be able to look at others without prejudice or ill will, and then you’ll be able to step up and help make this world a better place.

Speaking of this world, let’s always be mindful of the people who came before us. Let’s not take for granted the monuments and works of art left behind for future generations, including Stonehenge, apparently.

Bottom line, folks, we only get one Earth, and if there’s one thing that Diesel doesn’t love, it’s people messing with this planet.

But it all comes back to you. Everything starts with the individual, and if you don’t believe in yourself, then you’ll never achieve your dreams and realize your ambitions. Take it from Vin Diesel, a guy with a jetpack.

Finally, here’s Vin Diesel on stilts, because some messages don’t need words.