Frotcast 359: The Quincy Jones Paradox, With Dave Lozo

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“I once saw Nancy Reagan piss on Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse. Bitch was crazy for angel dust. Hey, you guys like Cuban food?”

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This week on the Frotcast, Dave Lozo from Vice Sports et. al. joins Matt, Vince, and Brendan, to talk about all the dirt dished by Quincy Jones in his latest interview. Namely, what inanimate objects did Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor have sex with while high on drugs in the 70s? Other topics include: The Cloverfield Paradox, Libertarian debate clips, Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra, The Two Bills, Three Billboards, and asinine sports press conferences vs. asinine movie press conferences and more. Donate at, thank you and Frot on.

Intro – What is the best television show intro? Also, is Alan Thicke dead

3:00 – Libertarian debate clips

4:45 – First discussion of the incredible Quincy Jones interview

9:00 – What other inanimate objects did Marlon Brando have sex with in the 1970s.

13:00 – The strange saga of Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra.

15:38 – Brendan arrives.

18:44 – The debut of Matt’s tostada.

21:11 – The Eagles fan who ate horse poop

27:24 – Jason Kelce’s victory speech.

39:00 – Asinine sports press conferences vs. Asinine movie press conferences

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