Is it possible this Craig Robinson apocalypse movie looks better than that other one?

With last year’s disappointing Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and the impending release of This is the End next month, end-of-the-world narratives are all the rage in comedy. With This is the End starring every comedy actor in Hollywood, I hardly even heard about Rapture-Palooza, starring Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, FilmDrunk favorite Rob Huebel, and the horse-toothed kid from Freaks and Geeks. This one’s less about the imminent apocalypse than it is about living on a post-Biblical rapture Earth, with blood rain, talking crows, and the Devil (played by Robinson). Rapture-Palooza hits theaters and VOD at the same time June 7th, which usually isn’t a good sign, but… dare I say it… this one actually looks… funnier than This is the End? I dunno, man, I guess I’m a sucker for vulgar crows.

“Can I get you anything? Corn on the cob? Sausage? Other dick-shaped foods?”




[hat tip: Blackfilm]