Ray Park Is Battling Some Bad Ass Demons In The New Trailer For ‘Jinn’

Do you know what happens to a toad when it battles ancient spirits born from fire? The same thing that happens to everything. Sorry, I watched X-Men the other night and have been laughing about that line for days, because it’s just so ridiculous. But Ray Park is stepping out from behind the makeup and masks to play the hero, Gabriel, in Jinn, the story some pissed off spirits that weren’t ever supposed to cross paths with the humans. Except, wouldn’t you know it? They want to take over Earth and kill all of us in the process, so Park comes to the rescue to do that martial arts thing that he does so well.

Written and directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, Jinn also stars Serinda Swan, who has the most real-life Twilight name ever given to a person, and the legendary William Atherton, who has really been in need of a good bounce-back role since starring in Jersey Shore Shark Attack. The guy was one of the greatest A-hole character actors of the 80s, people. Between Ghostbusters, Die Hard and especially Real Genius, I’d argue that he was THE greatest movie A-hole of the 80s. Where’s his comeback, Hollywood? Hopefully it starts with Jinn.