Vince's Favorite Music Producer is Back with Another Hit(?) and Your Morning Links

01.08.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Here’s “Tween-Chronic Skip Rope” from Rebecca Black producer/Thanksgiving rib eater Patrice Wilson. Skip rope -YEAH! Skip rope -YEAH! Yeah… all of this seems a bit wrong. [via Viral Viral]

Sam Jackson also thought the ending of Lincoln sucked, in case you were wondering |Film Drunk|

The Frotcast: your source for childhood poop stories |Frotcast|

Samuel L. Jackson, Master of Illusion
[via Awesomephilia]

Immerse Yourself In The Infinite Wisdom Of Raylan Givens |UPROXX|

That’s Just Wrong, Internet: It’s Robert Griffin III’s Knee Injury In Meme Form |With Leather|

Netflix Adds 8 New TV Shows, Some Of Which You Might Actually Watch |Warming Glow|

Five Non-Blockbuster SF Movies To Look Forward To In 2013 |Gamma Squad|

Azealia Banks, Angel Haze Go Tit For Tat On Twitter, New Diss Songs |Smoking Section|

Peyton Manning Is A MacBook, According To Bernard Pollard |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

It’s FLBP Monday, isn’t that great? |theChive|

Mama June Dressed Up As Marilyn Monroe |Buzzfeed|

Why Are the ‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures Offensive? ||

The 10 Scariest Movies Ever … According to Their Wikipedia Pages |NextMovie|

How the French Made a 10-Hour Day |Mental Floss|

Big News Day in Australia |Clip Nation|

Katy Perry Named “Hottest Woman of 2013” By Men’s Health |IDLYITW|

What We Talk About When We Talk About Downton Abbey |Videogum|

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian’s Breasts Also Enlarge From Pregnancy, Jealous Butt Curses God |The Superficial|

How to tell if you’ve watched too much Downton Abbey |Fark|

This ‘Typewriter in Class’ Prank Is A Lot Funnier Than One May Initially Think |Brobible|

Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 |High Definite|

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