Red-Band trailer for the Evil Dead remake

As we’ve been over, a Uruguayan dude (Fede Alvarez) who broke onto the scene with a four-minute YouTube short that had him getting calls from producers the same day, is directing a remake of The Evil Dead, supposedly without any CGI and with Sam Raimi’s blessing. Now there’s a longer trailer, and it’s got all the tree-rape and blood puke you could hope for, plus, dub step! What’s not to love? Oh right, the dub step. Anyway, proceed.

Get it? It’s scary because chicks are whispering. ‘the f*ck is she whispering for, anyway?


Girl with dirty face whispers. Little kids sing a song. Empty swing set creaks in the wind. MONSTER! Fin.

The Evil Dead opens April 12th, 2013.