'Resident Evil: Retribution' Has New Images, Same Sexy Costumes

Despite my affinity for zombie films – that Vince famously does not share – I do not really understand why we’re standing on the horizon of a fifth Resident Evil film. I’ve seen each of them, and while I love sci-fi adventures starring women in inexplicably tight, revealing outfits and I certainly don’t hate these films, I just don’t see how Sony and Screen Gems can keep milking this…
Hold on a second, the corpse of my great-great-great grandfather’s Civil War carrier pigeon, Gideon, has been reanimated and just delivered me a note:

“Dearest Dipsh*t,
Resident Evil – $102 million
Resident Evil: Apocalypse – $129 million
Resident Evil: Extinction – $147 million
Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D – $296 million
Sony and Screen Gems”

The moral of the story is that these movies absolutely kill overseas, so as long as Milla Jovovich stays married to the current director giving her work – in this case, Paul W.S. Anderson – we can expect to keep asking, “Another Resident Evil movie?”
The trailer for Retribution has been out for a few weeks, but after the jump I’ve included some new Resident Evil 5 stills, which show us that all the people who died in the previous films are somehow alive again. So good for them.

(Images via Coming Soon.)