Rob Huebel Joins The Cast Of Key And Peele’s Now Even More Awesome-Sounding ‘Keanu’

There are a few relatively unsung, journeymen supporting comedy actors out there, the utility infielders of comedy, who rarely get lead roles but nonetheless make everything they’re in better. I’m sure there are more, but the first two that come to mind for me are Kathryn Hahn and Rob Huebel, the latter of whom just scored a part in Key and Peele’s upcoming vehicle, Keanu. Which is the name of their characters’ stolen cat, which gets stolen by a street gang. Long story short, this sounds awesome.

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Rob Huebel has joined the cast of New Line’s comedy Keanu, which also stars Keegan-Michael Key, Nia Long, Jordan Peele and Will Forte.

The script, written by Peele and Alex Rubens, revolves around a group of friends pretending to be drug dealers in order to rescue a stolen cat.

Peter Atencio, director of Key and Peele’s Comedy Central series, will helm Keanu, which is set for release on April 22. [TheHollywoodReporter]

Key and Peele never lack for ideas (only for editing, every once in a while) so I’m going to assume that this will be amazing. I’m further hoping that the street gang includes Eduardo. He’s loco.

Or maybe Keegan Michael Key’s most underrated character, Billy Yellowcorn. He may not be Key’s funniest character, but… well, there are layers there, man.