Robert Downey owns a 6-foot flying Iron Man (with video)

Just in case earning $50 million for The Avengers wasn’t reward enough, Robert Downey Jr.’s staff also got him a wrap gift to celebrate the end of shooting: a one-of-a-kind, six-foot, flying model of Iron Man. The irony of money is that the richer you are, the more people want to give you free stuff. That’s why I always wear a top hat and a speedo with dollar signs on it.

It is, in fact, a flying RC Iron Man built by master model plane maker and proprietor of RC Superhero, Greg Tanous. The model stands 6 feet tall replete with glowing eyes, chest piece, hands, and feet. Details on the custom-built aircraft’s specs and capabilites are sketchy, though it does look uncannily like the 19-inch models that are available on Amazon. [Gizmodo]

Okay, so it’s technically more of a larger-than-average model plane shaped like Iron Man than a flying Iron Man per se. Still pretty badass in my book. It’s yet another reason that I find Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark to be nearly indistinguishable. Whenever people ask what cocaine feels like, I just want to show them a video of Robert Downey Jr. being all witty and confident and handsome and cool and say “That. It makes you feel like that.”

[banner image via Getty]