Rumor Has It ‘Furious 7’ Is Playing A ‘Secret’ Screening Tonight At SXSW

I wish I could properly commemorate this announcement with a gif of a cat skydiving out of a bag (maybe screeching out of one with a NOS burst), but in any case, it sounds like there’s going to be a “secret” screening of Furious 7 tonight at SXSW. At least, this tweet from the SXSW account doesn’t take much parsing:

Oh sure, now you say we gotta be fast, what ever happened to “this time it ain’t just about being fast.”?

Today it’s too fast, tomorrow it’s too furious, I feel like they’re critiquing my love-making. Anyway, good luck getting into that, SXSW badge holders. Word is, Vin Diesel will not be attending. Unless he decides to parachute out of a skydiving car at the last minute, which would be totally boss.

It’s a movie about skydiving cars, but at its heart it’s really a story about family.