Safety Corn & Pork Muffs: Fake shopping list video part 2

I know this isn’t strictly movie-related, but I posted part one of Mediocre Films‘ fake shopping list sketch/prank last week, and it was kind of a hit. Watching part 2, I find my enthusiasm for the concept has not waned. It’s so simple and yet so brilliant — the guys give each other a list of fake products, and they have to see how many they can ask about before the Wal Mart clerk walks away. Frankly, I’m pissed I didn’t think of this first.

Some of my favorite fake products:

  • Baby’s First Pee Set
  • Sassy Señorita Cereal
  • Cankle Drops
  • Stove Babies
  • Dr. Normal’s Condoms for One
  • Safety Corn
  • Pork Muffs

My favorite exchange: “Pork muffs?” “Yeah, it’s for pigs’ ears.”