Salma Hayek Becomes Jane Wick In The Hilariously Violent Trailer For ‘Everly’

At 48, you wouldn’t expect Salma Hayek’s latest role to be that of a gun-toting badass who makes Liam Neeson in Taken look like Liam Neeson in Love Actually. And yet here we are, staring at this trailer for her upcoming action film Everly in complete disbelief, because this is the woman who most recently settled into a groove as the love interest in Happy Madison films and wore a t-shirt that read “What the frak?” on an episode of 30 Rock. Instead of another Grown Ups – get ready for this joke, because I’m really proud of it – Hayek is starring in Blown Ups. Thank you.

In Everly, Hayek plays the ex-lover of a mob boss, except in lieu of a simple amicable split, this guy sends every hired gun in town to kill her in her home. But while the woman seems a little shaky with a sub-machine gun early on, she clearly learns how to hold her own and hilariously makes a stand that should leave her facing off against Beatrix Kiddo in a two-woman tourney of awesome movie rampages.