Scorsese and DiCaprio making Wall Street 4 or something

02.17.11 8 years ago 12 Comments

Because Martin Scorcese just can’t quit Leo DiCaprio, he plans to shoot him in The Wolf of Wall Street, his very next film (after he finishes post on

After crying wolf before [I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE], Martin Scorsese now plans to follow through and direct The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio, with Boardwalk Empire‘s Terry Winter having adapted the Jordan Belfort memoir [Vitor’s brother, I assume]. They will announce financing and a start date in Cannes.

DiCaprio will play a Wall Streeter with a raging drug habit and hard partying lifestyle that ultimately brings him down. Belford spent 22 months in federal prison for stock market manipulation. Despite the sound of that, I’m told the script is funny, dramatic and fast paced, and manages to make something of a sympathetic character out of a stockbroker who supervises a cadre of brokers who squeezed clients to buy stocks that paid off–for the brokers, who used the funds to live extravagantly until they were brought down by the feds.

Hmm, the rise and fall of a brash stock broker… I get the strange feeling I’ve seen this before, but I’m sure it’s just deja vu.  STOCKS! BONDS! JAGER BOMBS! STRIPPERS! BUY! SELL! MONEY PORN FOR A-HOLES!  I hope it’s not too critical of finance culture.  We can always just get the team of coke-addicted spider monkeys who punched up Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 script.  NEEDS ANOTHER MONTAGE! (*flings poop*)

Better idea: The wolf of Wall Street is an actual wolf, and the part of Leonardo DiCaprio will be played by Strutting Leo Cat.  You’re welcome, Hollywood.

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