Set Video of a Zombie Attack in World War Z

I’m on the fence when it comes to posting set videos from films in production. On the one hand I think it’s pretty stupid to watch unedited footage from a weird angle of a scene that might not even end up in the finished product and draw conclusions about the film based on it. On the other hand, it’s already out there, and my site isn’t the only one on the internet (thank God for that). Suffice to say, I ain’t allergic to cash money SKEET SKEET, so the video is after the jump. Watch it if you want, you’re a grown-ass blog reader.  Here’s the word from the source:

A friend of ours was lucky enough to bag himself a gig as an extra on the set of Brad Pitt’s new film World War Z, based on the best selling book by Max Brooks, while it was being shot in Glasgow.
He also advised us to ignore all the fanboy chatter over the alleged plot changes from the book, he assured us that from the scenes he took part in and watched this movie will definitely be worth the wait. [HMSFriday]

It must be really hard being an extra in Glasgow. (*pulls out bullhorn*) “AWRRAI, YA COONTZ! THERE COOMES A TAIME, WHEN, IT’S RREASSURE… THE BLIND KIDS, ‘E FAIRRLY DEED AN ECHIDNA! GOO! GOO!”  What? What did he say? Jesus Christ, I thought these people spoke English.

Well that guy seems flexible.

[thanks to Chris for the tip]