Shia LaBeouf and his peen go full Radcliffe in new Sigur Ros video

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06.18.12 30 Comments

"Girls are okay, but what I really want is to DANCE."

Judging by the fact that “Shia Labeouf” is already a trending topic on Twitter, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard that Sam Witwicky goes full wiener in this new video for Sigur Ros’s “Fjögur Piano.” While his ex hook-up Megan Fox has a tattoo predicting that we will all laugh at gilded butterflies, this video proves that sometimes the butterflies make you cry (not gilded enough, maybe?).

Besides crying about buttflies, he also does some naked ballet with a lady friend, dramatically sucks a lollipop, goes on a trip underwater, looks at some more butterflies, cries some more, paints a girl’s boobs, cries about butterflies some MORE, smashes a mirror, smashes some wall mounted butterflies, carves stuff into his girl’s back, cries some more, and makes LOTS of dramatic open-palmed gestures with his hands. As a wise commenter on this site once said, “Theater majors gonna theater.”

Shia’s ween happens between 40 and 50 seconds in, and there are boobies sprinkled throughout, so proceed accordingly. (OMG! Naked people! Don’t let your boss catch you gazing upon their dirty, sinful nakedness! You’d surely be fired!)

Oh, art. Where would it be without wispy beards and baby ponytails?

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