Shia Labeouf Wrote His Latest Apology in the Sky Above Hollywood

(via WorldWideSkyAds)

True story, Shia Labeouf’s latest apology for ripping off a comic book for his short film was five miles long and written in the sky above Hollywood. A few people tipped me off about the message today, which was addressed to Daniel Clowes, the comic artist whose piece Labeouf took word for word without attribution in his short film, and read “I AM SORRY DANIEL CLOWES.”

The skywriting was visible across several parts of Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon, including Hollywood, Glendale and Studio City. A company called Worldwide Sky Ads tweeted that their team the Skywriters was responsible for the message. [Variety]

Labeouf took credit for the message via Twitter:

There are many less-than-subtle hints that Shia’s latest apology for plagiarism, which we’ve now established that he has a history of, wasn’t that sincere, such as the fact that the apology was written above Hollywood while Daniel Clowes lives in Oakland.

Oh, and this dickish tweet from yesterday:

“You have my apologies for offending you for thinking I was being serious instead of accurately realizing I was mocking you.”

You can tell by the tortured syntax that Shia Labeouf actually wrote this one himself. Get it, you guys?! He was actually mocking us with all of those plagiarized apologies! Gosh, I think I get it now!

Basically, Shia Labeouf got caught plagiarizing, and then tried to make it look like he was doing it as some type of joke or art project. I guess you could argue that this maneuver was semi-clever, but it doesn’t make him any less of a dick. To put it another way…

Look, shithead, people being offended that you stole doesn’t depend on whether or not you were serious when you did it. As if we’re going to say, Oh, were you just being ironic when you stole my car? And you were doing it as an acting exercise? Gee, I guess it’s okay now. 

No, you stole from a guy and attempted to profit on his work without crediting him. It was a dick move. Say sorry, don’t do it again. People asking “why” was just an attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt. We’re not “punked” because you weren’t serious when you apologized. Now it just feels like you’re even more of a dick. The point at which an intelligent person would’ve started acting sincere has long since passed. It’s time to either own up or f*ck off.