Shocking News: Travolta’s Stuttering John-produced John Gotti movie is now on hold

Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father was a doomed-from-the-start comedy of errors almost from the start, as would be true of any production that stunt-cast Lindsay Lohan for publicity. This story had so many moving parts that I don’t think I could properly sum them up, so I’ll farm out that duty to Brendon at WWTDD:

I used to think the producers of the John Gotti movie (including Stuttering John) were poser retards who had no idea what the f*ck they were doing. But it turns out their website plays the Madonna song ‘Hollywood’, which is where many movies are made. You can’t get much more professional than that.
And then they cast big names like John Travolta (who will act in literally anything and hasn’t made a good movie since 1998) and Lindsay Lohan (in a role so prestigious they first offered it to Kim Kardashian) and, amazingly enough, Joe Pesci.

Then they somehow managed to get Joe Pesci, a legendary actor who’s been in two movies since 1998, to put on 30 pounds to play a mob enforcer, but for some reason then tried to get him to agree to a smaller role and promptly got sued for $3 million. Nick Cassavetes was onboard to direct, then Barry Levinson. Now, it may shock you to learn, this brilliantly-conceived movie project may never see the light of day:

According to barely-literate sleazeball Roger Friedman at Hollywood 411:

UPDATE: Exclusive.It does appear that the “Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father” has simply hit the wall. There’s no money to move forward, and producer Marc Fiore has not been able to raise the money he needs. Fiore has been telling various players in this saga that “money is coming from overseas,” etc. But so far it hasn’t arrived. All work has halted, although not much work has actually happened. It’s unlikely production could begin in January since almost nothing has been done yet viz a viz sets, costumes, or planning.

Well who could’ve seen that coming. It is a shame, though. Not that we won’t hear yet another story about John Gotti, whose story is on TV in one form or another roughly every six minutes, but that we won’t get to hear what the mob thinks about possibly-closeted-gay-actor Johnnycakes Travolta playing the former boss of all bosses. Based on my knowledge of The Soprano’s, that kind of thing seems frowned upon.