Woman arrested for invalid license really likes Shrek

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08.13.13 3 Comments


While perusing TheSmokingGun‘s collection of the week’s best mugshots, I found one movie related! We don’t have much information to go on, but I have to assume that this woman, arrested for driving with an invalid license, reeeeally likes Shrek.

I love the idea that she was enough of a Shrek fan to get him tattooed on her body, but when it came time to choosing the actual picture, she was like, “Eh, just use the first Google Image result from Wikia.”

It’d be like if you loved Al Pacino so you got this:


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Also, since when do you have to lift your shirt and show your tattoos for driving with an invalid license? I think these cops were having fun.

Then I saw her faaaace… now I’m a believaaaa….

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