Smell Christopher Walken’s Finger & Morning Links

04.24.12 7 years ago 4 Comments

COMEDY TONIGHT! If you’re in the Bay Area tonight, come check out LOL for LLS, featuring FOUR former Frotcast guests. |

Dirk the Penguin recuperating after being kidnapped by drunks |Film Drunk|

This week on the Frotcast, we introduce “interrupting Smash Mouth Guy” |Frotcast|

With Spandex Episode 2: David Shoemaker, AKA The Masked Mans |With Leather|

Who wants to smell his finger next? [via TheSuperficial]

First Look Inside ‘Before Watchmen’. Haters Gonna Hate. |Gamma Squad|

Mad Men Discussion: Buttery Handjobs, Acid Trips And Orange Sherbet Freakouts |UPROXX|

Paying Homage To Minnesota’s Twin Towers |Smoking Section|

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Garden of Bones’ |Warming Glow|

The Most Popular Dog On Instagram |Buzzfeed|

Watch Nikki Sims get as close as possible to actual nudity without going over the edge. |GorillaMask|

You Guys Ready For A Dawson’s Creek Reunion? |Videogum|

College Humor Original: The App App |College Humor|

The twenty-five best snare drum intros. Who knew there was just more than Zeppelin’s Rock & Roll? |Fark|

9 More Regular People Who Became Internet Memes |Mentalfloss|

6 Great Dramas That Owe a Debt to “The Wire” |Pajiba|

Off-Roading Border Collie |TheDailyWhat|

Seven Horror Films That Defy Their Genre |Unreality|

Guy with No Arms Does Incredible ‘Call Me Maybe’ Cover on the Drums |Brobible|

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