Snow White Has Some New Pictures

The cast of Snow White and the Huntsman had a panel at Comic Con this weekend and, among a few other interesting items of worth, they released the first images of the film’s characters. As you can see above, Charlize Theron is playing the Queen, a casting decision that is clearly going to alter the way two generations of males remember the classic Disney cartoon. Also revealed were Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart as an emo Snow White, and Sam Claflin as the Prince. You may remember Claflin from his previous role as that forgettable dude in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Of course when you think of Snow White, you think of a classical beauty, singing and rolling around with woodland creatures before she’s roofied by the mean, old queen. But not this version, at least according to Stewart.

Kristen Stewart said that the character channels thing that people are typically afraid of into a powerful, driving energy. She said this Snow White is very much the people’s leader, and that “she doesn’t let her heart cloud her mind and doesn’t let her mind get in the way” of doing what she feels she has to do. She also mentioned that mirrors – very much a part of the Snow White mythos – take on an interesting role here, as Snow White is portrayed as a character without even the concept of vanity, and she’s not even remotely self-conscious. (Via io9)

That’s good, because the last thing I think of when someone mentions Stewart is the use of a mirror. But I know you’re probably wondering the same thing I first thought – what’s up with the dwarfs, son? Oh they’re in this version and they’re played by Nick Frost, Ray Winstone, Toby Jones, Johnny Harris, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsdan, Brendan Gleeson and… Ian McShane. Baddest dwarf casting ever.
And you’re also probably thinking, “Hey Burnsy, you’re super hot and all, but that’s 8 dwarfs.” True. But director Rupert Sanders dropped a spoiler on the audience by admitting that one of them dies. My guess is Winehousey.
Character images after the jump. Try and guess which face Kristen Stewart makes.