Some Guy Named Jamie Dornan Is The New Christian Grey

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10.24.13 27 Comments

Jamie’s the prude in the middle with his clothes on.

Once Charlie Hunnam backed out of playing Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the Twilight erotic fan fiction novel Fifty Shades of Grey due to scheduling problems with Sons of Anarchy or because they wouldn’t let him offer rewrites or due to family issues or because it was a huge mistake in the first place, the book’s most rabid fans felt vindicated that they could start fresh and obnoxiously demand Matt Bomer once again. And once again, Matt Bomer wasn’t chosen for the lead role, and now they’re stuck with someone even more obscure – Jamie Dornan.

Dornan isn’t exactly an unknown, despite my ignorance, as he plays Sheriff Graham Humbert on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and he had a role in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, which featured one of the worst movie posters in the history of both movies and posters. According to Variety, Universal is trying to quickly cast the remaining roles, including Anastasia Steele’s roommate and the newly added talking CGI vibrator, Shaky.

In conclusion, here’s a photo of Dornan with a donkey.

Jamie Dornan with a donkey

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