Someone paid $3175 for Jennifer Lawrence's sweaty sports bra

According to Reuters, clothes worn by Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook fetched almost $12,000 at auction, including $3,175 for the teal sports bra you see above. That might seem kind of pervy and weird, but keep in mind, she won an Oscar for that performance so this is part of history. It’s the same reason I bought Hal Holbrook’s jockstrap from Into the Wild. (He likes to stay supported, to keep those old balls from saggin’).

The wool, full-length winter coat worn by Lawrence in the Oscar-nominated comedy topped all items, selling for $4,652 in the three-day online auction, Los Angeles auction house Nate D. Sanders said on Friday.
The memorabilia dealer had expected the items to fetch between $500 and $1,500 each following the 22-year-old’s Best Actress win at the Academy Awards on Sunday.
The custom-tailored white pants Lawrence wore during the film’s climactic ballroom dance scene with co-star Bradley Cooper went for $3,493, and a package of a teal sports bra and blue long-sleeved shirt sold for $3,175.
A black tank top from Lawrence’s wardrobe, but not worn in the film, fetched $624.
Brad Cooper’s pants went for just $262.

Wait, you’re telling me the sweaty sports bra that Jennifer Lawrence mashed her boobs into was worth less than some dumb coat? Jeez, what kind of sickos were bidding on these? It’s like they know nothing about buying women’s used clothes on the internet. PRO TIP: If you want the panties to hold their re-sale value, you can’t suck on them. It’s like keeping comic books inside the original plastic.

You might think the money for this stuff would go to charity, but if that’s the case, the report doesn’t mention it. Silver Linings was from The Weinstein Company, so maybe Harvey Weinstein needed a new blood chalice.