Sony Has Shelved 'Smurfs 3' In Favor Of A Smurfs Reboot Origin Story. Oh Good.

Say what you will about Hollywood being full of terrible ideas, at least they’re unoriginal. Two days after I brought you the news of a “gritty reboot” of Fletch, starring Jason Sudeikis, in an “origin story” that would be “closer to the original source material,” Sony has announced that they’re shelving their planned Smurfs 3 movie, which was originally set for 2015, in favor of a new reboot origin story that will be closer to the original source material. Oh go smurf yourselves.

Sony Pictures Animation is planning a new take on its Smurfs franchise [Editor’s Note: …Which started in 2011], tapping Shrek 2 and Gnomeo & Juliet director Kelly Asbury to helm an all-animated film with new designs and environments that will focus on the origins of the little blue creatures.

The new take will be closer to creator’s original artwork, and it has been targeted for the August 2015 release date that had been dedicated for Sony’s third installment of its hybrid live-action/CGI franchise that has grossed a combined $910 million worldwide. [Deadline]

I’m just glad that Sony is finally doing right by all the Peyo fanboys and taking this property back to its roots. I’ll never forget sitting at the Smurfs movie premiere next to a 4-year-old shouting “THIS IS NON-CANON!” while he drooled on himself and crapped his pants. Never again, man. Never again.