Spoiler Alert: ’22 Jump Street’ Will Feature Two Huge Cameos From The TV Series

This may be old news by now, but if you’re like me, you’ve been living under a rock of holiday leftovers and college football bowl game hangovers, so this is probably still going to be fresh to most people. Just as the big screen adaptation of 21 Jump Street featured very well-placed cameos from the TV show’s original stars Johnny Depp, Peter DeLuise and Holly Robinson Peete, 22 Jump Street is also going to feature at least two cameos from the series’ original actors, with one of them being pretty obvious and the other one being a huge surprise that I honestly wish hadn’t been reported by stupid “insider sources.”

Seeing as I know how you people hate to have things like this spoiled, consider this your warning that this is a huge spoiler alert. Read on at your own peril. I’ve even added this GIF to make a little more space…

According to Radar Online, Richard Grieco will follow in Depp’s footsteps as far as reprising his role as Detective Dennis Booker. I’m sure he wishes that he could follow his footsteps in everything else, but time travel doesn’t exist.

“It was so cool to see Richard back in action. He even cut his hair for the role and brought back some of his iconic swag items, which you’ll see when the movie comes out,” a source on the New Orleans set exclusively told Radar.

“He seemed so stoked to be back in front of the camera with Channing and Jonah.”

As for the other known cameo, I could have sworn I joked about this when the first film was still being developed, but Brad Pitt has also already filmed his cameo, presumably as Peter from the 1988 episode, “Best Years of Your Life.”

“The scene is very funny and the guys had a great time doing it,” a source said.

“Brad was a great sport and the producers were thrilled that he took part.”

Again, this show had one-episode cameos from a lot of really famous actors during its run, so we could see anyone from Diedrich Bader and Bridget Fonda to Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley, who actually made two appearances on the show as two different characters.