Star Of Escort Documentary ‘American Courtesans’ Was Arrested For Escorting

A new documentary titled American Courtesans is, according to the film’s website, “an intimate portrayal of modern day escorts in America. In our own words we discuss our lives, the events that led us into our profession, and the reasons we stay.” It was accepted into the Miami-based Women’s International Film and Arts Festival, where Burnsy will be delivering the keynote address this weekend, but recently, one of its stars, “Hilary Holiday,” was arrested for doing what she does best: making me look at the Yahoo! Answer page for, “How old do you need to order an escort?”

Last month Lora LePoudre, who goes by the escort pseudonym Hilary Holiday, was arrested by the Eden Prairie Police department in Minnesota following an anonymous tip off by a neighbor and a subsequent sting operation by authorities. According to prosecutors, LePoudre was earning $400 an hour for her services.

/immediately enrolls at San Diego State to major in Escorting, with a minor in Turning Tricks.

Neighbors in her family-friendly condo complex told FOX 9 News they were thankful police had arrested her on a misdemeanor prostitution charge…According to court documents, LePoudre, a 44-year-old mom, has pled not guilty to one charge of prostitution. Her attorney, Jean Marie Brandl, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column [Ed. Note: well, there goes my escort name] that the case is slated to go to trial in June, although she is not concerned that the forthcoming film will impact her client’s stance.

Serves her right for living in a “family-friendly condo.” See, if “Hilary” had gone to SDS (go Aztecs!), she’d have learned to look out for things like that. Instant red lights for choosing where NOT to set up shop: fat kids, ice cream trucks without dents in the doors circling the area, a distinct lack of scrubbed-away chalk outlines of humans on the ground, no one named Rolph living in the basement apartment, and the sounds of parents playing with their kids, not the howls of the Deadbeat Dad Dozen from the fourth floor listening to Steve Miller Band at 2 a.m. THAT’S where you need to live to avoid detection.

This is all Escorting 101, really.

(Via Fox)