This Week In Posters: Star Wars, And ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Still Looks Too Good To Be True

We begin this week’s This Week in Posters with Paramount’s new poster for Adam McKay’s adaptation of Michael Lewis’s The Big Short (trailer here). Get it? The homeowners are “underwater” on their mortgages. And the dollars are falling from the sky because… uh… subprime loans or something.

Anyway, I liked this book a lot and I hope Adam McKay does it justice, and the poster gives me hope. It would’ve been easy to go the “Look at handsome Christian Bale play an unglamorous oddball guy!” route. Christian Bale transforming is like crack for… well, pretty much everyone. Instead, they trusted that the names alone were enough to sell this thing without mucking up the cool concept with a bunch of floating heads. Neat!

Honestly, do you know hard it is for me to praise a poster that deliberately omits Baby Goose’s face? This one is that good.

Diagonals! Swoosh!

The most interesting thing about this poster is that Heist is apparently called Bus 657 in Spanish. Bus 657 is a way better title, by the way. For one thing, now I know it’s about a bus. Heist is pretty vague. Frankly, if it weren’t for This Week in Posters, I would have no idea this movie existed.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen this style of poster, with the sexy movie stars foregrounded by a bunch of blurry nobodies that almost cover them up. I keep scrolling up and down like it’s an eye puzzle. Are they looking at each other? Why does Rooney Mara have weird dolls behind her? I think I’ve been hypnotized. This poster is sorcery.

Remember “Family vs. Frat?” That was Neighbors‘ marketing campaign, and that made a jillion dollars, and thus we have Daddy’s Home and “Dad vs. Step-Dad.” (It’s hard to say what came first, the script or the marketing campaign). I wonder what surprises this story will have in store! I bet the script is a feast of one-upmanship (my favorite kind of upmanship).