Wicked’s New Adult Film Has A Ridiculous, Big-Budget, Western-Themed Music Video

Adult movies aren’t just about sex anymore. Now that PornHub and other freebie sites are everywhere, the industry has to find a way to keep sales up and customers coming (back to pay for more). That’s why production values are up, special features are everywhere and one movie, Wicked’s Wanted (co-produced by Adam & Eve), even has its own music video (for “On the Run”). But it’s not like a sexy music video. It’s like a music video music video. And it’s one of the most amazing things you will see today. Why? Because it is just as cheeze-tastic as it sounds and it doesn’t apologize.

Performed by The Wicked Outlaws, the video intercuts scenes from the film (a classic western) with shots of the band’s very sweaty performance. The singer, Brendon Miller, is not only the author of the pop/country tune currently filling your head, he’s also the husband of Stormy Daniels, who’s the director and star of the film (which also features Anikka Albrite and Allie Haze).

The movie releases on DVD in September, but you can listen to the song and really get a feel for Wanted right now. If you’re into Westerns and sweaty people with real emotions, this is probably the adult feature for you. And if the high budget sets seem familiar, it’s because Wicked has fully embraced both the high budget and the campy sides of adult films. Their previous releases include Magic Mike XXXL and a parody of Batman v Superman.

[Vince’s Note: I think they missed a real opportunity here not calling themselves Porn Jovi.]