Stream Them If You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, May 1, 2014

We’re back to tough times for streaming. The streaming gods giveth, and they also screw us over. This week is the latter. BUT. You know, we soldier on, we fight for that inch. On this team, we’re not going to play by their rules any more. I can’t think of any more movie lines. Let’s get it on!

Top Netflix Streamer of the Week
Sklar Brothers: What Are We Talking About
I legit just made this the top streamer of the week so I could embed the clip below. That’s the type of power I wield, and also the sort of power I squander. Chopper Four!

Trivia: Pretty sure the Sklar Brothers had a show on ESPN. That was weird.
Streamability: I really enjoy comedy on Netflix, so sure. Check out Aziz, Louis C.K., and maybe some Mike Birbiglia. It’s good to laugh, isn’t it?

Old but New to Streaming Netflix Movies for the Recently Born
From Dusk Till Dawn
I just barely remember this film, but I know I dug it. Dug it! Vampires, not the emo ones either, and Salma Hayek at the pinnacle of her powers. A pre-engaged George Clooney, you know, before he was TUCKING IT BACK. Na, just kidding, everyone get married, ideally to a model or George Clooney, if you can swing it.

Streamability: Yes! Especially if you have little ones who you can send to bed early without supper.

Streaming Curiosity

You know what happened here. They saw Los Iron Lady and El Queen figured they’d line right up for their Oscar. But they forgot the most important part! Make a film that’s actually sort watchable. “But wait!”, I hear you saying in Internet land, “How does The Iron Lady fit into equation?” Fair enough, you got me there, but this movie still was not so good, perhaps even worse than that song monstrosity, “Goodbye British Rose”. Shame that, because I love me some Naomi Watts. Hey NW, my pillow is always open for career counseling!