‘Suicide Squad’ Producer Dishes On Jared Leto’s Method Acting And More

Charles Roven is the founder of Atlas Entertainment, a producer of Suicide Squad, and part of the DC Cinematic Universe Brain Trust tasked with keeping all of these DC movies in canon. He recently spoke in depth with Collider about his current projects, but we’re just here for the Suicide Squad gossip.

The full interview is over at Collider, but here are the main takeaways: No new Suicide Squad trailer til the beginning of next year. The film is going to be as close to rated R as they can get while still snagging the coveted PG-13 rating, and the plan is for every DC Cinematic Universe movie to be PG-13 for “tonal consistency.”

The best part of the interview comes when Roven stays as polite as possible (while still telling plenty) while touching on Jared Leto’s penchant for method acting. Roven’s story definitely jibes with Will Smith and Jai Courtney saying they’ve never met Jared Leto out of character.

“Look, you know, it was different, it was fun. The group first wasn’t sure because the AD’s had to call him ‘Mr. J’ to get him to come to the set [laughs]. And he did in many ways isolate himself from the rest of the group, but that’s really what his character was, the purpose of his character in many ways, other than when he was with Harley or trying to get Harley. It was very entertaining, it was fuel for a lot of good sport and a lot of laughs, and his isolation bonded the squad, and we wanted the squad bonded.” (Via)

Oh my God. Jared Leto gave himself a nickname and wouldn’t come out of his trailer till everyone addressed him by it. (Some men just want to watch the world shrug and say, “Really?“) Meanwhile, my coworkers here still refuse to call me Mrs. Esterhouse no matter how many times I threaten to hold my breath forever.

It also turns out Warner wasn’t actively planning a Suicide Squad movie until writer-director David Ayer pitched it as a passion project. Ayer’s enthusiasm was apparently infectious, as Roven reports “it was one of the most fun sets ever” due to the camaraderie. We believe it, considering many of the cast got matching tattoos with the director, celebrated Margot Robbie’s birthday with a Harley cake, and went on outings together (minus “Mr. J”).


(Via Collider, Twitter, and Instagram)