Super Troopers 2 is Happening! The Best Of Chandrasekhar & Heffernan’s UPROXX Live Discussion

Yesterday, Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan of Broken Lizard (Super Troopers) stopped by to humorously answer reader questions, and that was as awesome as it sounds. You can also catch up with Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan by watching The Babymakers in theaters this weekend (as well as on iTunes and VOD) and on DVD and Blu-ray September 18th. Chandrasekhar directs while Heffernan plays a supporting role to Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn.

Since great moments in our live discussions sometimes go unnoticed, we’ve created a highlight reel of some of the funniest answers in Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan’s UPROXX live discussion along with plenty of helpful visual aids. We’ve got a special surprise for those who stay tuned till the end, so grab a liter of cola for energy and get to clicking right meow.

I’m just a wee bit excited about this.

That’s what she said.

Be careful, chicken. I’ve heard Kevin Heffernan’s parents might be around.

Who does Johnny Knoxville think he is, Quentin Tarantino?

I was going to photoshop Chandrasekhar waving from the inside of a human bowel, then I made the mistake of googling bowel pictures. Consequences will never be the same.


I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not google image searching this one. (Yes I am.)

My google image search history is taking a pounding.

I always get these two confused.

Part one in a four part series of people who are awesome.

We would pay to watch this as a one man show. Take all of our moneys.



I’m saving this excuse for later.

Since you’ve stuck with us to the end, please enjoy: