WATCH: All Of Wes Anderson’s Slow-Motion Shots In One Beautiful Video

Slow-motion shots are kind of like montages set to music (or slow-motion montages set to music) – they’re almost cheating. The kinds of things you ban from filmmaking class because they make anything look good. Few filmmakers get as much mileage out of slow-motion cheating than Wes Anderson. Here, TheFilmStage combines all of the The Wee Prince of Deadpan’s slow-motion shots into one video. And the whole thing is set to a Shins song, just in case you weren’t already burping up soy chai. Ugh, I want to hide inside my red beanie for liking that song.

This video is a good example of why Wes Anderson’s shtick started to get on my nerves in Moonrise Kingdom. Aside from the fact that the relationship in it was just Margot and Richie Tenenbaum redux, Wes Anderson’s choice of slow-motion shots had gone from Max Fischer stepping out of an elevator with a box full of bees (badass) to two little kids on the way to their dollhouse dress-up wedding (about as badass as a poster of a little boy holding a bouquet of flowers). Ugh, I HATE being expected to care about prepubescent kids falling in love. I mean, especially if it’s PG-13 and they aren’t even going to show any of the good stuff.