This Buddy Cop Montage is Delightful

Between It’s Always Sunny’s take on Lethal Weapon 6 and re-watching Point Break this week, I’ve been rediscovering a love of buddy cop movies, and this new montage (“Buddy Cops: A Movie Montage”) is just what the doctor ordered. I mean is there anything more heartwarming than watching a couple unlikely bros become best bros and bro out blowing up bad guys? I say no. I could watch this all day. To quote Angelo Pappas, Utah! Get me two!

This montage has all of the greats – Lethal Weapon, Point Break, 48 Hours, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Beverly Hills Cop; and even most of the less-greats, like Bad Boys, and that one with Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett (Earring and Squints? Monkey Business? Swellfellas? Anyone have any idea what the hell that was called?). And they rightfully included one of the all-time greatest Gary Busey lines:

“Listen, you snot-nosed little shit! I was taking shrapnel in Khe Sanh when you were crappin’ in your hands and rubbin’ it on your face!”

I love the implication that being a toddler involves rubbing your own feces on your face. Hey, everyone’s young once, right? It’s so gloriously nonsensical, and the fact that it’s delivered like it’s a common idiom makes it even better. It’s so… Busey. If Gary Busey didn’t ad-lib that line, then the screenwriter knew him better than he knows himself.  (*checks IMDB*) Okay, here’s the screenwriter, Peter Iliff. Here is his IMDB profile picture:

Now it all makes sense.

[via Slacktory, edited by Brutzelpretzel]