SUPERCUT: Every Woody Allen Stammer from Every Woody Allen Movie

With our Jewish friends currently celebrating Passover, the annual rite in which the blood of Christian babies is smeared above doorways to keep interest rates high, now seemed like the perfect time to commemorate the body of work of a Jewish icon, one Allan Stewart Konigsberg, aka Woody Allen. Our friend Oliver Noble, who previously brought us Every Bone Broken By Steven Seagal and Every Arnold Scream in Every Arnold Movie, spent his Passover Eve meticulously cobbling together every Woody Allen stammer from every Woody Allen movie. Now, two factors you should understand that may have affected this supercut.

1. Woody Allen stammers a lot.

2. Woody Allen has made a preposterous amount of movies.

Seriously, the last time Woody Allen went one full calendar year without at least writing one movie was 1976, between Love and Death and Annie Hall. And even in that year he still starred in The Front. I couldn’t maintain an output that prolific if I was filming dumps I just took (though don’t put it past James Franco to try). Woody Allen’s prolific output and consistent stammering have combined to create a supercut that’s 44 MINUTES LONG. And that’s without repeating a single stammer. Now, those 44 minutes, I don’t plan to watch all of them, but the fact that he made it? I respect that. Even if I don’t see it or plan to, it pleases me just to know it’s there, like museums.