Supercut: Movie Titles in Movies, Part 2

Characters in a movie saying the name of that movie is one of my favorite moments, perhaps second only to rappers rapping their own name or the name of their group, or bands referencing their own songs in a song. And what a coincidence, here’s a supercut that’s two minutes and forty seconds of just that (characters saying the movie titles, I mean). My favorite has to be Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine, because his breaking-the-fourth-wall deadpan is so perfect, and because “Hot Tub Time Machine” is cinema’s all-time greatest title. At least, it will be until “Hovercar 3D” comes out (yes, that’s a real project in development). I’m bringing a bike horn to that, just so I can blow it twice when one of the characters says, “Hovercar… 3D.” If no one says the title in that, I’ll demand my money back.

[via GorillaMask. See also: Movie Titles in Movies, Part 1]