SUPERCUT: Robert Pattinson Secretly Hates Twilight

It really didn’t take much reading between the lines to discover that Robert Pattinson secretly hates Twilight, and now, thanks to the magic of the supercut, we have a mountain of evidence in one, handy-dandy video. It’s totally relevant, because just as someone sent it to me, I was reading a Hollywood Reporter piece on all the Twilight actors describing Twilight. Most of them do the usual full-of-sh*t actor thing, but see if you can detect the difference between Pattinson and the rest:

Kristen Stewart: “I do find that the reason it’s really sparked and caught and really spread is because it’s such a vivacious experience,” the actress says. “It’s rare.” “We’d just be creating phenomenons every day if we had the equation for [what makes Twilight so successful].”

Jackson Rathbone: “It’s the duality, I think,” says Rathbone of Meyer’s success. “Within The Host she has this character that’s of two minds and throughout the entire Twilight Saga, you’ve got a girl that’s in love with two guys. It’s interesting, that duality in human nature.”

If you need to make up some artsy-sounding nonsense, “duality” is always a good option.

Robert Pattinson: “She’s very personal in her writing to the point where it almost feels too personal.”

There you have it, Robert Pattinson is the only sane one.

[Supercut via Blame It On The Voices]